Rod has a passion for exciting Christian education! He is fascinated when education causes students to ‘stand in awe’ of our Father’s world! Rod has a heart for people and appreciates working in a community with a common purpose of “inspiring children to be alive in Christ”. He truly enjoys being part of the leadership team at TCS and has fun in the journey.

Andrew Wilcox's career began in 2010 while teaching at an international school in the Philippines. Two years later, he joined the staff here at TCS and has been the grade 8 teacher ever since. Andrew has recently taken on the additional role of Vice-Principal and has enjoyed working collaboratively with a dynamic, leadership team. Andrew has an affinity for sports, the outdoors and lame, Dad jokes. He can usually be found in the gym, coaching and pushing students to grow in their attitude, confidence, and skills. Andrew loves to challenge students to be creative thinkers who are resilient in failure and take ownership for their learning. He has a passion for empowering students to boldly stand out as they develop into authentic Christian leaders within their community.

Kate started as our Administrative Assistant in March of 2021. She is passionate about growing kids in the love and wonder of Jesus. Kate has been able to serve and show God's love in different positions across Canada, the USA, St. Lucia, and Jamaica. She has had the opportunity to be a transport truck driver, a nurse, a flood relief worker, VBS lead, youth Pastor, food bank volunteer, and other fun roles as she seeks to walk where God leads. The Taits moved to Barrie in the summer of 2020. Being new to TCS, she is excited to be part of all the fun that we have as we learn and grow together. Kate has a servant heart and strives to live her Jesus joy each day.

Sheri has been a financial administrator for Christian schools since 2009. It's a role she feels privileged to hold because it supports two parts of God's expressed heart - to raise and admonish children in the Lord, and go into all the world with his message of reconciliation. Diligence and grace are hallmarks of her work. When she's not serving at TCS Barrie, Sheri is busy with her husband, two girls and two dogs in Bradford.

Kim has been teaching since 2011. She was excited to return to Timothy after previously teaching here in 2012. The staff know Kim has arrived when they hear her cheerful and singsong voice say "Good Morning!" down the hall. Her love for music will definitely permeate her teaching in Kindergarten. When Kim is not at school she is enjoying God's creation with her husband and two boys, hiking, biking or running.

Jody Vanderboon has taught in Christian schools in Ontario and B.C. since 2000. She enjoys unpacking the wonder of God's creation with her young students.

Stephanie’s 24 year career in education has been spent living, loving and laughing in the primary grades, mostly in kindergarten. She is a zipper expert, knows how to use a sparkle cloth to clean a table, and enjoys pulling a smile out of her pocket to brighten someone’s day. You won't often find her in photos as she prefers to be behind the lens capturing the beauty and wonder of God's creation locally and around around the globe. She loves to travel with her family and bring her worldwide experience into the classroom.

Kelly Ann has been enjoying her dream job of teaching since 1993. She has been a part of the TCS Staff since 2000 and brings laughter and life into each day! Kelly Ann’s greatest joys include learning and laughing along with her students, as well as encouraging them to grow deep roots in the Lord.

Tamara has been teaching since 2002 and has been blessed to teach many grades from Kindergarten to Grade 8. She feels that her role as a teacher is to be a coach to young minds; to build their confidence as we build skills together. It is a journey of learning that she is privileged to share with each class of students that God places in her care.

Brijette studied at York University for her teaching degree, taking the concurrent Education program. She has been teaching since 2004, completing 4 years of teaching in the primary grades with King Christian School and worked as a supply teacher for the Simcoe County District School Board. Currently, she's team teaching a grade 3 class at TCS. Brijette enjoys being busy with her family of two boys and husband, often doing some type of sport. When I'm not teaching I love to swim, bike and run. My latest accomplishment is finishing a 70.3 mile half- ironman race and I hope to do another one this summer.

Cyndy has been teaching since 1995, but has been with Timothy Christian School since 2008. She believes in a solid and foundational focus on skills, but loves to incorporate hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom. Being an English major, Cyndy loves to encourage good literature and avid reading in her classroom.

Alexandra graduated from Queen’s University in the current education program and has been teaching in Christian schools since 2014. Teaching allows Alexandra to incorporate her love for Christ, children, and creativity all within the classroom. Alexandra has enjoyed teaching both primary and junior grades. She was also blessed with the opportunity to teach visual arts to the intermediate grades. Alexandra has her special education specialist qualifications and assisted with resource programming prior to joining the TCS community. She has directed many theatrical performances, enjoys creating art, and is a member of the Rotaract Club of Barrie. Over the summer months, Alexandra works in a local law firm and enjoys being challenged to learn new things there. A fun fact about Alexandra is that she is a TCS graduate herself and feels honored to be back as a teacher! This year, Alexandra is taking on the marketing position at TCS and she is so excited to promote our wonderful school! Alexandra greatly values the power of a smile and strives to make TCS a positive place for all.

Tamara Kloosterman started her role as teacher in 1997 right here at Timothy Christian School. Since then, she has been active in the school as teacher, parent, supply teacher and EA. While being a part-time teacher, Tamara strives to foster an atmosphere of acceptance and growth in her class. She is a reader and thinks it is important to have lots of options for reading for her students. She works diligently to share God’s world with her students as well as His unconditional love. Each spring she plants her flowers with the knowledge that God will be faithful to bloom her garden in due time!

Andrew is excited and thankful for the opportunity to teach at TCS! Over the years he has had a range of teaching opportunities that have helped shape him into the educator he is today. Andrew has been teaching in Christian schools since 2014 and loves to be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with his students. He prays that through His example and teaching, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, that they would be able to more fully grasp the height, width, length and depth of God's love for them in Jesus. Some of Andrew's favourite subjects are science, physical education and Bible. In his spare time he enjoys vegetable gardening, playing sports (basketball, ultimate frisbee, running), camping and exploring God's creation.

Daniel began teaching Gr.6 at TCS in 2015! Prior to teaching here, Daniel was able to spend time overseas doing some volunteer teaching in northern India. He has a desire and passion to see his students catch a glimpse of ‘the great Hope we have in Christ’ in a refreshing and authentic way. He prays that it will cause them to truly embrace Christ as their Saviour and Lord as they learn to live in community together.

Bethany joined TCS as the school secretary and loved getting to know the families and friends who invest in the community at Timothy. In 2018, she transitioned over to grade 7 and is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the teaching staff at TCS! Bethany is passionate about empowering future change-makers and culture-shifters as they bear the image of Christ in their lives.

Tina Covert has been a Resource Teacher at Timothy Christian School since 2010. Tina has also had the privilege to co-teach in different classrooms as well as bring leadership to the Special Education/Resource program. Tina has been actively involved in teaching for 25 years in a variety of school settings including IB schools, ACSI, Public and OACS schools. Tina finds great fulfillment in her role as the Resource teacher where she is able to coach and support students, parents and teachers in what can be for some, a challenging educational journey!

Erin has been teaching since 2004 and has recently joined Timothy Christian School as the Planning Time Teacher in September of 2019. After teaching for 15 years in the Public School Board, she is thrilled to join the TCS staff to “inspire children to be alive in Christ”! She is excited to share her faith and her knowledge of apologetics with students, and to use the teaching skills she has developed over her career to create engaging lessons that help students work towards reaching their full potential, both academically and spiritually. When she isn’t working, Erin enjoys spending time with her family of three children and husband playing board games, hiking in the summer, and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Yvonne has been teaching band classes for over 30 years and has a deep love and talent to play every instrument (as she has been known to demonstrate to her students). As a professional flautist, Yvonne approaches her students with a flare and a love for teaching young people how to make a joyful noise. In her spare time, she can be found at the golf course or riding her motorcycle around Simcoe...often in her super cute shoes!

Cindy has taught in a Christian school setting for almost 15 years in a regular classroom, with grades 4 through 8 and is now enjoying her time in the core French classroom. She has worn the hat of school administrator, having bridged the gap as an interim principal in 2011-2012 as well as an occasional teacher. Cindy loves to employ a variety of strategies and resources as she teaches second-language skills and encourages students to see language in general as a wonderful gift from our God.

This is Joy’s first year being an EA at Timothy Christian School. Before joining the TCS staff, Joy had the opportunity to volunteer teach Christian Education in the northern parts of the Philippines. She has also volunteered in resource at a variety of public schools in Barrie. Joy’s most excited to show God’s love in action to the students she works with and watch as it motivates them to do the same.

Jenn wants everything she does to reflect her relationship with Jesus and that is evident as she has a heart for the vulnerable. Jenn has traveled with Medical Ministry International to Ecuador, sits on the board for LAMb and traveled with them to the Ukraine to help train those working with kids from hard places in Trauma Informed Care. She has also traveled to Haiti many times, leaving a piece of her heart there. As a wife and mom, she loves family time. In her spare time, she enjoys photography or playing her mandolin and her favourite treats; Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

Since childhood, Lindsey has had a heart for serving individuals who have unique needs. She studied Recreation Therapy at the University of Waterloo, and has worked as a Recreation Therapist and Behaviour Therapist in various community agencies. Lindsey is thrilled to be joining the staff at TCS as an EA where she can serve students with unique needs and help them discover their God-given talents. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys exploring creation with her family, camping, reading with her three children, and she loves all things Disney!